Insurance Investigation &
Defense of Fraudulant Claims

Devine Intervention Detective Services works to reduce the insurance fraud that costs consumers and businesses billions of dollars a year in increased insurance premiums. This fraud includes; money taken from self-insured businesses, insurance carriers, and everyone else that pays insurance premiums. Our surveillance and investigations will substantially mitigate an exaggerated claim, and will identify a fraudulent claim.

Through highly technical photographic and videotaped surveillances, unmarked surveillance vans, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, skilled investigators, we will obtain the necessary proof of an exaggerated or fraudulent claim.

A fully detailed report outlining our visual observations is provided. Our monitoring equipment is available in our offices for your review of any video film footage obtained. Copies can be made available for your use. We preserve the original tape at our facility for future use in court, as evidence, or duplication.

Additionally, the following services can be utilized to thoroughly investigate a claim:

  • Interview witnesses, claimants, and parties involved
  • Secure comprehensive signed statements
  • Gather expert photographic and videotaped evidence
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Legal photography
  • Electronic vehicle tracking

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