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Devine Interventention Detective Services Roderick Devine is a licensed private detective, & has been working within the investigative field for the last twenty-three years. As a licensed private detective, Mr. Devine has worked over two-thousand surveillance assignments, & covert operations. Mr. Devine founded Devine Intervention Detective Services in 1998. The full service firm of Devine Intervention Detective Services routinely serves the needs of the general public, with regard to domestic cases, as well as, criminal litigation. However, a large percentage of cases that are accepted by Mr. Devine & his staff are of the corporate venue. Some of the corporate cases involve; theft detection, employee interviews, pre-employment background checks, witness locates, insurance fraud investigations, medical malpractice issues, threat assessments, personal protection, & installation of covert cameras.

Roderick Devine entered the investigative field working within loss prevention departments in the early 1980’s. Mr. Devine quickly achieved management status, & developed teams to investigate internal theft issues. Mr. Devine turned his attention to insurance fraud investigations, he began working these investigations within the Pennsylvania State Capital, for investigative firms. During the time that Roderick Devine worked in the State Capital, he became a lead investigator, he managed case files & worked the cases from the case file conception though the courts.

As an investigator with extensive experience with regard to surveillance, as well as, interviews, Mr. Roderick Devine began working for the DSS; (Defense Security Services), where Mr. Devine conducted field background searches on Military personnel with regard to rank reviews. During this time Mr. Roderick Devine continued to work for private detective agencies, in the Philadelphia region where he was the lead investigator.

Mr. Roderick Devine has worked assignments with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on such matters as Medicare Fraud, & Federal Banking Fraud investigations, where Mr Devine has gone undercover to secure federal compliance of banking regulations. In addition, Mr. Devine has worked with Customs & Federal Authorities, securing evidence on Pharmacy Drugs being shipped South of the United States borders. Rod Devine has also worked with the ATF regarding tobacco & tabacco related items,qualifying counterfeit goods for intended distribution, within the Northeast.

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Roderick Devine is currently a licensed private detective, & business owner, of Devine Intervention Detective Services LLC. This investigative firm, in addition to being licensed is also bonded (state required), & insured. Mr. Devine has also become a highly sought after legal defense investigator. Mr. Devine routinely works homicide case files, rape cases, weapons offenses (straw purchase), assaults, harassments, & attempted homicide case files. If you need assistance, Please call today!

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