Customer Testimonial Letters

"Yup Rod Devine is the man to go for all your investigative needs! I called Rod for some tips concerning my situation and he really gave me great advice. I got new ideas, insight and confidence from Rod in handling my situation, all just a phone call away! Super easy, professional, and caring. I highly recommend Rod Devine"!
John Kelly - 2020

Great Company with a great owner. Rod really knows what he is doing and how to get the job done. If you are in need of a PI firm then you're definitely at the right place!
Sam Gerard - 2020

"I was very impressed with Rod and his PI firm! This was the only investigative company that did actually deliver the info I needed for my custody case. I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the high degree of professionalism, hard work, surveillance skills and confidentiality. Thank to this man's dedication, I managed to win the case! I highly recommend Rod Devine and Devine Intervention Detective Services. When you need accurate information, this is the man to hire. Thank you so much"
Charlie Caruso - 2020

"After reading all of Devine Intervention Detective Services' reviews on yelp and Google - I knew this was the team for me. I live half way across the Country and needed an investigator in Pennsylvania. After a few short evenings of surveillance, we were able to get the proof that my ex-wife was still drinking and driving (against court orders)."
James Martinez - 2020

Customer Testimonial Letters

I had to write a review for Devine Intervention Detective Services because I am grateful to have had them help me with my child custody case. I dealt with Rod Devine who probably is glad it’s over because I called him on weekends and night’s after work but he always talked to me and updated me on the investigation any time I called. I was having so many issues with my divorce and attorneys but the most help I received during this whole painful process was from Rod and his company. They were able to get information of my ex drinking and driving which terrified me of my kids being in the car with him. This ended up helping me and it forced my ex to get the help he needed but most important keep my kids safe. Thank you Rod!!
Colleen Meany - September 25, 2018

I needed a private investigator to check the background history of a 24/7 home health aide for my father. As a first - time user of PI services, I went into this process with some trepidation. I guess I've watched too many detective films over the years and half-expected a Sam Spade experience. By the end of our first conversation, however, I felt fortunate to have chosen to work with Rod Devine who’s warm and caring manner and thorough professionalism made it easy to enlist my confidence in his firm. I am pleased to give Devine Intervention Detective Services an "A" rating and will recommend your services to others who may need assistance.
Gail G. - August 11, 2018

Rod and his staff at Devine Intervention Detective Services are amazing. I could not recommend them any higher if I tried. They are professional, diligent and excellent at what they do and are hired for. I have used them twice and they are the best! Rod Devine and staff are wonderful and they send a very detailed report after each job. Each person I have dealt with has been so easy to work with and they take pride in what they do. Do yourself a favor and don't look any further than Rod and Devine intervention Detective Services. You will be completely satisfied with the job and then some
Paul W. - 2018

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