2016 - 2015
Customer Testimonial Letters

I would like to heartily recommend Rod Devine of Devine Intervention Detective Services for his PI and investigative services. Rod kept his word to me completely about his fees and tracked down my cyber stalker within a matter of days. He provided the name address and background information of this person in the most timely manner! He is personable, honest and thoroughly professional. I had been trying to locate this stalker for months using other services, and Rod was able to find everything for a very reasonable fee and extremely quickly. He gave me thorough and regular updates as well. I couldn't be more pleased with both Rod and his results, and would recommend him to anyone needing investigative services of any kind. He couldn't be more pleasant or easier to work with. He worked miracles in my case.
Lee K. - April 2016

I worked with Rod Devine to ascertain the truth behind a long overdue return of personal electronic property that I had sent in for repair and had paid for in full upfront many months before. Rod proved responsive, empathetic, and expressed what felt to be a genuine interest to see the right thing done by both parties in what seemed --from my perspective-- an increasingly hopeless situation, progressively slanting in my disfavor. He provided timely information and communication precisely as promised, and also was able to negotiate action on the part of the other party that I couldn't have managed otherwise if not for his help and experience. Rod has my recommendation for high integrity and a demeanor that both restores calm and instills confidence when it feels like both have long been lost. Our outcome could have been far less ideal, and I still would highlight his genuine nature as being one of high caliber. So, Rod Devine --in my case-- lived up to his business's namesake.
Aaron Robertson - February 2016

“Devine Intervention Detective Services” was extremely professional on every level. From the initial phone call, asking every detail about my situation, keeping me calm, to the final report. The time line and details were exceptional. I had my suspicions and Rod Devine provided me with everything I needed. I highly recommend their professional services.”
Jim - 2015

“Rod, I want to start by saying thank you for all that you have done. You are the best; and the kids and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts. Thanks for all of your help (and apparently a ton of patience lately). I am sure you have had to handle difficult cases before. For me personally, this is overwhelming and I am putting my trust in you to do what is necessary with the utmost security of not being detected. Thanks you for being understanding and cooperation with my requests. I appreciate your assistance in this matter and your respect for my feelings regarding this whole matter. To say I am nervous is an understatement!!!! Thank you again.”
Grace - September 2015

This year I started a new business and needed to hire someone to help me in the office. But before making an offer someone recommended to run background check. Well, I didn't have to search - just reached in my pocket and called Devine Intervention Detective Services.

I talked to the owner right away. Turns out he knows his business inside out. Rod Devine ran a criminal background investigation for me right away. It didn't take long for him to produce my report - results came in very fast. We went over it on the phone the same day. Rod explained everything to me and answered all my questions.

From one family owned business to another: thank you for helping me, Rod! I will keep your number in my favorites for sure. It was a pleasure to deal with you.
September - 2015

Based on my experience with Devine Intervention Detective Services over the last ten years, I can attest to their high degree of integrity, intelligence, hard work and confidentiality. In addition, the owner, Rod Devine, has always shown great understanding and kindness while he solves problems. Highly recommended!!
Tommy B. - October, 2015

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